Revolutionizing Service: The Danniyeh Royal Gifts Way

We strive to be at the leading-edge not only in the services we provide but by also holding our partners accountable in achieving the highest standards that we expect in ourselves. Danniyeh takes pride in its carefully selected manufacturers which undergo extensive pre engagement audits and ensure ISO – standards across all facets of production and craftsmanship. Our production engineers undertake a rigorous qualification process of each new factory to ensure that state-of-the-art technology and techniques are used to produce your products.

Our simple and straightforward approach allows us to cut through the red tape and get down to the heart of your business matters by:

  • Building a solid business relationship, understanding your needs and business model.
  • One-on-one interaction with your business, bringing our skills and knowledge to the table for your peace of mind.
  • Offering imaginative and unique ideas, giving your business the ultimate freedom to master your designs!
  • Ensuring our product goes through rigorous quality checks before it leaves our facilities.

Heart & Quality is at the core of each Gift…
Our Quality Control Specialists have one thing on their minds, and that is ensuring that each and every product before, during and after it is produced exceeds our customer’s expectations.  Your satisfaction equals our definition of success!
We have teamed up with government owned Quality Control Inspection firms  to go that extra mile to guarantee your order is perfect before it’s shipped to our facilities.

We Stay Ahead...
Technology is ever changing and we believe our clients truly deserve the royal treatment when it comes to the products we provide.  This is why we make certain that all our manufacturing partners insist on using the highest quality materials, state of the art technologies and highly qualified technicians to turn your vision into reality!

With You until the End…
We make sure that after you’ve placed your order, we keep you in the loop from the beginning until the end for each and every product you order from Danniyeh.

We Protect your Brand…
We protect and enhance your Brand. Quality, Safety and Compliance Standards are reviewed and applied on every order we run. Materials, production and working conditions are observed and maintained by DRG employee. DRG personnel are on site at every facility we contract with.